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After the era of colonialism on the continent, majority (Almost all of them), of  African countries adopted the language of their then colonial master. There are, however, several African countries that also legally recognize indigenous languages as well. English as well as French is spoken in many African countries and generally used as a means of general communication especially when dealing with public matters such as government, media, and education, and so on. Most countries that adopted the English language include:


Uganda comes in at number one on the list of best English speaking countries in Africa. The country is landlocked and is known to have a diverse landscape that covers the Rwenzori Mountains with their snowy tips, and also, the very large Lake Victoria.

Uganda is notable for having a wide range of a variety of wildlife including chimpanzees, and a good collection of a bird rarely seen anywhere else. Uganda was colonized by the British but still got its independence in 1962. They have since adopted a style of education that is from Great Britain. English is the main language in Ugandan schools, and this is a country with more than 60 other languages spoken amongst its people.


South Africa, sometimes referred to as the Rainbow land, comes in second place. This country which is located in the southernmost part of the continent of Africa is the second-best English-speaking country on the continent. This nation is notable for having several ecosystems that are pretty distinct. Kruger National Park, an Inland Safari destination that is frequented by tourists is known to have a large population of the big game.
In its Western areas, one would be treated to a range of beaches for relaxation as well as lush Winelands found around the locations of Paarl and Stellenbosch and a host of other sights all over this beautiful nation. There are many other languages that are spoken in this country including Afrikaans and isiZulu and the nation is known to have about 11 official languages.


This beautiful nation of Nigeria is known to be the third-best English speaking country in Africa. This country located on the Gulf of Guinea is famous for its myriad wildlife and landmarks. One of the most recognizable sites in the country has to be Zuma rock which is a monolith reaching a height of 725 meters located outside Abuja, the federal capital territory of the nation.


Coming up in fourth place, is Kenya, a country in Eastern Africa. Nairobi is the capital as well as the largest city in this nation. There are various ethnic groups in this country that speak their own languages, Besides all, the official languages in this nation are the English language and Swahili, and these are used when communicating with other populations, in varying degrees. When it comes to areas of Government, education, and commerce, English is the commonly spoken language.


This landlocked country which comes in at number five is located in south-central Africa. In this nation, the official language is English and it is used as a means of communicating in the educational sector and in matters of official business. When it comes to local languages, the main local language in Zambia is Nyanja, more commonly spoken in Lusaka, and the next local language is Bemba. In this nation, a total of 73 languages are known to be spoken including Lozi, Kaonde, Lunda as well as Tonga.


Botswana is another landlocked country in Africa and is located in the Southern part of the continent. While Setswana is commonly spoken in this nation, English remains the official language of Botswana. Other languages that one may find spoken in this nation include Kalanga, Sarwa, and Ndebele amongst others.


The seventh-best English speaking country in Africa is Zimbabwe, a landlocked nation located between the rivers Zambezi and Limpopo in Southern Africa. In the education system and judiciary system, the commonly spoken language is the English language. Shona and Sindebele, both Bantu languages are also commonly spoken as indigenous languages in the nation. 70% of the population speaks Shona while a relatively smaller 20% speak Sindebele. Venda, Tonga, Shangaan, Sotho, Kalanga, Nambya, and Ndau are other Bantu languages that are spoken in this nation.


Malawi is located in Southeast Africa and is also a landlocked nation. It comes in as the 8th best English-speaking nation in Africa. The percentage of the English speaking population in Malawi is the official language of Malawi is 26% while Chichewa is its national language spoken by about 57% of the population, followed by Chinyanja at 12.8%, Chiyao, 10.1%, and Chitumbuka.


This nation is located in West Africa, along with the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. There are eleven government-sponsored languages in Ghana but English remains the language of the State and its commonly used Lingua Franca. As a result of the fact that this nation is surrounded by predominantly French-speaking nations, the French language is also taught in the various schools in the nation.


By Tabi Anne Nk.

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